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"Exceptionally high standards of dentistry."

I was writhing in pain due to stress mouth ulcer just before my pre-board examination . I was not able to eat , drink or chew making me very tired and not able to concentrate on my studies. My mom was really upset.

Our general doctor suggested a pain killer and told me it will take 7 days for the ulcer to heal and there is no other treatment , but to suffer the problem for 7 days

My younger brother surfing the net accidentally found something called laser assisted aphthous treatment on site –

My mum contacted SmilesIndia and we got an appointment the same evening. The Dr who attended me suggested laser resurfacing of the ulcer , which she accomplished in less than 2 minutes

The pain was substantially less immediately, and completely disappeared as though by magic over the next 10 minutes !

Remarkable !!! I just called up my general doctor and told him that now everyone can get their mouth ulcers painfree in 10 minutes and not 7 days. My thanks to SmilesIndia J – Priyanka

One of my most amazing experiences has been at Smiles India where I was advised to get my wisdom teeth extracted under conscious sedation. I awoke after an hour to discover that all my troublesome wisdom teeth had been removed in one shot while I was fast asleep!! Thanks Doc for making my experience so comfortable and also for the restful sleep that I so often long for with my tight office schedule. – Harish

Hi! I would like to thank Smiles India for helping me build back my confidence. I lost my front incissor tooth while playing a match at school. Doctor advised that a Dental Implant could be placed immediately and a temporary tooth could be given till the implant stabilised within my jaw. I left the clinic in an hour looking as good as new.!!! – Karthik

Hi ! Im a college student and always grew up with the idea that my yellow teeth will remain yellow till the end of time. I was extremely conscious of this. Thank God my problem was taken care of. I was advised whitening . In 20 minutes my teeth were 3 shades lighter! I felt good about myself and its been a month and I still cant stop smiling. I love u – Smiles India. – Pavithra

An accident left me with my upper front 2 teeth broken with only roots left. I will never regret my decision of visiting Smiles India. I was told that the 2 teeth could be replaced using a support called posts. The procedure was done using only my roots for support!! My teeth feel and look absolutely natural. Thanks Doc. – Suresh Kumar

I went to smiles India with crooked teeth. I detested the metal braces my friends all had. So Doctor gave me aesthetic(white) braces which literally merged with the natural colour of my teeth. They looked good and also served the purpose of straightening my teeth. – Saranya

My problem was a crown which constantly kept coming off and had to be recemented every 6 months.! The Doctor advised what was called tooth lengthening with a special laser tip. It was absolutely painless and a new crown was made and its been over three years and I dont have a problem at all with this tooth!
Of course I go for regular scaling but never for the crown coming off. – Arjun

Dr Arunachalam heads and runs a great clinic for dentistry of which my teeth have experienced almost all kinds of treatment that are in their repertoire! (whatever left out must have ben picked up by the family and we are still smiling!) What is distinctive is the high standard of professionalism that he has maintained over the years and constant upgradation of equiment and skills. Dr A is wired and clued on with the latest in technlogy which reflects in the high standards that he has maintained in his clinic.

Nicest and most knowledgeable dentist in town. He takes time in understanding what exactly the patient wants and does not let go until he/she is fully satisfied with his solution. I strongly recommend using his services to experience all this yourself

Awesome…I had my wisdom tooth extraction ( three together )….with consious anesthesia….to my surprise I haven’t had any pain after surgery but swelling was there for 5 days later subsided….sutures removed after 10 days…had antibiotics for 5 days…now I’m perfectly alright…I should thank Dr.Arunachalam for his patience in explaining the procedure so nicely and clearing all my doubts….the post surgical care was absolutely amazing they took such a care….Thank you doctor and the nurses for their patience and care…the core thing is cleanliness…sterilisation to the mark…totally an awesome experience…..

Dr. Arunachalam was very gentle, excellent treatment then any of my past experience. I would highly recommended to all my family and friends. I am looking forward to next part of my treatment in November My wife Rekha also received treatment and has similar experience she will also be returning in November with me. I would give rating of 10 out of 10

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