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Teeth Whitening

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Professional In-office Teeth Whitening

A healthy white teeth is everyone’s dream, call it ideal. But not everyone is gifted with white teeth. Some have teeth that are yellowish though they are perfectly healthy. Yet it is white teeth that are associated with a better smile. As we age, the teeth become stained and may lose their typical white shade.

Habits like smoking, consuming staining beverages like cola, coffee and tea too often, and chewing tobacco can have a bearing on the teeth enamel and can cause stains. If you are looking to remove these stains and have pearly white teeth, Smile One is the best place to get your teeth whitened.

At Smile One, we provide professional in-office teeth whitening solution that can give back your white teeth. When youthful smile is beckoning at Smile One, why hesitate?

Teeth Whitening Procedure at Smile One

You may be required to do a professional cleaning of teeth prior to teeth whitening. At Smile One, the procedure for teeth whitening can last around two to three hours which includes the cleaning too. If there are decay and other gum related issue, the dentist would tell you.

If you are wearing crowns and veneers in any tooth or few teeth, they will not respond to whitening and your dentist would inform you the details of the same. Our dentist will also take an impression of the teeth to prepare custom-fitted tray. This tray will form part of the home whitening kit.

Home Whitening Procedure

Home whitening kit is required to complement the in-office teeth whitening procedures you had at our dental office. You will be asked to wear the kit for a time of three hours while you are at home for a minimum of three days after you got your in-office teeth whitening done.

Some of the features of teeth whitening at Smile One are

  • Performed in one sitting and it may last two hours
  • Availability of up to eight shades of white
  • Whitening done by professional dentists
  • Whitening done evenly
  • Teeth Whitening agents used are safe and certified
  • Minimal teeth sensitivity
  • Lasts for up to a year
  • Can avail top-up treatments that in six months

Maintaining whitened teeth

  • Avoid colas and other dark colored beverages and foods
  • Avoid acidic food which can erode the whitening
  • Get professional teeth cleaning done every 3 months for optimal maintenance
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing twice a day
  • Gargle your mouth with a recommended mouth wash daily

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