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Sedation Dentistry

Oral health need not be a stressful experience.


What is meant by sedation dentistry?

As an ideal and simple solution, sedation dentistry is used by dental professionals on their patients for surgeries or any painful dental procedure. Sedation dentistry offers the patient a very relaxed state of mind where anxiety and stress are not felt making it easier for the dentist to carry out surgery in a methodical manner. As one of the many benefits of sedation dentistry, more than one procedure can be carried out by the dentist as the patient will be stress free and relaxed besides the number of sessions or trips to the dentist can be cut down and the treatment period can be completed in a shorter time. As sedation dentistry helps people who have dental phobia, it is one of the best methods to be used while visiting the dentist for a procedure as it preserves oral hygiene and prevents neglect that can lead to severe effects being harmful to overall health besides being expensive and painful in the long run.

What are the different types of sedation dentistry?

There are three types of sedation dentistry and the dentist would decide which one is the best according to your needs, your medical history and the kind of dental treatment that you may have to undergo. Oral Conscious Sedation is a type of gentle sedation with pills also known as ‘happy pills’. With sleeping tablets or anti-anxiety pills taken according to the dentist’s instructions, Oral Conscious Sedation is a twilight experience where the patient will not remember the entire procedure and will be relaxed during the dental treatment. IV Sedation resembles the oral conscious sedation and is administered through an IV line in the arm. This type of IV Sedation is a moderate way to help the patient relax and get over his/her dental phobia. General Anesthesia as an effective practice can be delivered by anesthesiologists who are certified and who monitor the patient throughout the dental treatment. This type of sedation is also known as sleep dentistry or deep sedation.

How does sedation dentistry help people with dental phobias?

As an experience that has many benefits, sedation dentistry helps people with dental phobia as it allows the patient to remain relaxed and in a dream-like state where they remember very little of the dental procedure and often feel refreshed after the treatment is over. Sedation dentistry eliminates pre-visit nerves, fear and stress for patients with dental phobia, sensitive teeth, gag reflexes and those who have conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and cannot control body movements. Offering relaxation that is both beneficial physically and mentally, sedation dentistry allows the patient to have peace of mind and be free of dental phobia.

What are the types of people who need sedation dentistry?

The types of patients or people who need sedation dentistry are those who have not had dental treatment for years, those who have dental phobia or a fear of dentists or dental treatment, people who are prone to gag reflexes and who cannot feel numbness when injected with a numbing agent. Sedation dentistry is needed by people who do not have enough time to complete dental care, those with sensitive teeth, dental problems that are complex and need surgery, people who feel bad or shy about the condition of their teeth and those who keep changing dentists and renewing pain prescriptions. Patients who have had traumatic experiences with dentists and those who make dental appointments and cancel them continuously need sedation dentistry.

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

The benefits of sedation dentistry are numerous and besides helping people relax before, during and after their dental treatment also offer the experience of having no memory or very little recollection of the dental procedure. Sedation dentistry eliminates the ability to remember smells or sounds, reduces the number of trips to the dentist to complete the treatment and cuts down tiredness after a long period of continuous dental treatment. Sedation dentistry helps patients to relax for a long time after the dental procedure along with the fact that those who find it difficult to feel numbness start relaxing soon after they are sedated and do not have any problem about feeling the numbness.

Does sedation dentistry put one to sleep and is it safe?

Yes, sedation dentistry is very safe as the patient will be monitored throughout the dental procedure besides not being asleep but experiencing only a relaxed and peaceful feeling.

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