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Root Canal Treatment

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Basically root canal means the central cavity or the space found in every tooth. It is in this central space the pulp chamber is found along with the nerves. This central space or the canal runs till the tip of the root and the nerves inside each tooth connect ultimately to the larger nerves and blood vessels.

When oral hygiene is not maintained properly there is every chance that mouth bacteria and other pathogens enter this root canal. Once inside the root canal, they multiply unabated and cause infection. They can form pockets or can form abscesses that are filled with pus. This infection can spread till the root and can cause severe pain. The infection then can proceed to the tip of the root canal and can start causing bone loss.

Root Canal Procedures

When teeth are badly damaged due to this infection but can be salvaged, a root canal treatment is recommended. In this procedure, the root canal is cleared of the pulps and nerves that are infected. The root canal is then cleaned properly using special disinfecting solutions. Once the two procedures are completed, the root canal is filled with inert materials and is then sealed.

Need for Root Canal Procedures

Severe decay to the tooth, cracks in the teeth due to any trauma (this might lead to discoloration), prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold substances are some of the reasons the teeth might need root canal treatment. It has to be borne in mind that not always pain need to manifest to get a root canal treatment. In other words, pain is not a factor to determine if root canal treatment is needed.

Root Canal Treatment at Smiles One

At Smiles One we employ advanced technologies in getting your root canal a perfect clean-up. The microscopes we use can spot precisely the infections inside your root canal. We make sure to check every nook and corner of your root canal to leave no spot of infection intact.

Getting a root canal is relatively painless and extremely effective. You’ll be back to smiling, biting and chewing with ease in no time.

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