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Oral Hygiene

Take care of your mouth to get pearl white smile

Something more than brushing and flossing

Our dentists at Smiles One are trained to give you the best oral care. They examine and evaluate your mouth for the presence of dental caries and any gum related diseases. You shall be rest assured that all your dental history are kept confidential and the conversation and information shared are just between you and our dentist.

Common Oral Problems

Plaque buildup – Plaque are hardened biofilms of oral bacteria. They start as a soft sticky film on your teeth that proceeds to become hardened on the surface of the teeth. The more sugar in our diet and subsequent improper oral hygiene can accelerate the build-up of plaque. If left unattended, they can cause erosion of enamel and can cause gum diseases.

Gum diseases – Often caused by the buildup of plaque. The hardened plaque comes in contact with the soft gingival tissues and can spread the infection. This can cause the gums to become swollen and red. The gums can at times bleed causing gum related diseases. The first stage of a gum disease is called gingivitis. If left untreated, they can proceed to periodontitis which can also advance further to cause teeth to fall down.

Professional Teeth Cleaning at Smiles One

Almost everyone asks why should they get their dental clean up at the dentist office while the diligently brush, floss and rinse our oral region twice a day. What we often miss is the fact that even though we clean our dental area, there are dental areas that are hard to reach. They can be cleaned only by your dentist.

The plaque build-up on the teeth becomes hardened as tartars and they are not easy to remove by yourself. Brushing does not remove this hardened tartar. The dentist at Smiles One use scrappers and other dental instruments to meticulously remove them from your teeth. This process of scrapping the hardened plaque is called “Debridement”.

Root Planning – Another Professional Teeth Cleaning Method at Smiles One

Sometimes the plaque have reached deep near the root surface (deep pockets) of the teeth particularly between the gum and the teeth. Such a condition often is accompanied with gum diseases. Root planning is a procedure where the deep pocket are cleaned of plaque build-up. Root planning helps in preventing periodontal diseases to a great extent.

Application of Fluoride

Fluoride is a known element that fights plaque, prevents dental carries and protect the enamel. After a professional cleaning, either debridement or root planning, our dentist at Smiles One would assess if you require fluoride application. If the situation of your teeth warrants that you require fluoride application, the dentist would apply them.

Emphasize on Dental Visit

We emphasize the need to check your dentist every six months by default. But people with diabetes, severe form of gum diseases, smokers are more vulnerable and it is always recommended that they visit the dentist every three or four months. Your dentist knows the condition of your oral area and its health better and they can make the right recommendation.

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