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Laser Dentistry

Surgical procedures with no pain and no bleed

Advancement in Dentistry Beckons

Laser Dentistry offers precision, less pain and less recovery time. Many dental procedures are being done these days with laser. The concept of laser dentistry is to perform dental procedures with no drills or needles. So if you are a patient who exhibit anxiety while visiting the dental office, laser dentistry is precisely for you.

Types of Dental Lasers

Hard Tissue Lasers – Those that have wavelength that can cut through the teeth structure are termed as hard tissue laser. They are very helpful for shaping of tooth after composite bonding, removing dental fillings that are old, dental filling, treating tooth sensitivity, etc.,

Soft Tissue Lasers – Those that have wavelength that are enough to precisely cut through the soft tissues like gum are termed as soft tissue laser. Soft tissue laser when employed are very precise and minimize the damage to the surrounding tissues. They are very effective in sealing nerve endings and blood vessels. They cause less pain and also allows the tissue to heal faster. Soft tissue lasers find use in gingival sculpting for correcting gummy smile, crown lengthening, frenectomy, teeth whitening, etc.

Laser Dentistry is the Future

That is absolutely right. The advancement in the field of laser dentistry is taking place at a faster pace. The day when laser dentistry is going to be adopted by majority of dentists is not far off. That day almost every small dental procedures like dental cleaning, dental implants, various orthodontic treatments, etc., are going to be performed using laser dentistry.

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