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Invisible Braces

Perfect your smile with invisible braces !

Clear Aligners

Aligners provide clear, hygienic and convenient solutions to crooked teeth with having to wear metal brackets and wires.  With breakthrough 3D scanning and printing technology, we have revolutionized straightening your teeth, customizing clear removable appliances – custom made for your teeth, gradually moving them into corrected positions. Your aligners are virtually invisible and no one can tell you are straightening your teeth even if you are at a speaking distance from them. The aligners are smooth, with well rounded edges that will not rritate your gums or cheeks.  What’s  more , you can see the treatment outcome even before you start the treatment and enjoy a better smiles even before you complete the treatment.

Aligners Braces
Your aligners are virtually invisible Wires and brackets are very noticeable
Easy to remove , easy to clean Stupendous effort to brush around braces
Rounded edges, smooth and comfy Irritates lips, cheeks and gums
Remove while eating and enjoy your meal Several foods restricted for fear of breakage
See your doctor less Regular visits and more if breakages occur
At SmilesIndia, we have treated scores of people with aligners from various systems providing excellent smiles and spreading them across the globe.

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