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Digital Smile Design

Be the co-author of your own new smile.

Help Design Your Own Smile

An aligned teeth-line with near perfect gums is not the only criteria for a sought-after smile. It is something more. A perfect smile is something that seeks conformity with your facial structure, its proportions, your expectations and what you aspire for.

At Smiles One, our dentist finds pleasure in designing and creating smiles with a conceptual tool called Digital Smile Design. With DSD our dentist sits with you creating and designing smiles as per your facial structure and its proportions. You can pitch in with your expectations and your desire and help the dentist design your new smile. Your dentist would take photos, videos of your face and will also take a dental impression to study the bite pattern, etc., as part of this exercise. You shall then discuss possible outcomes, what all needs to be done to achieve this, the step-by-step treatment procedures that may be required etc. All this would happen in your first appointment.

The dentist proceeds to assess your expectations and begins to match it with your facial structure and aesthetics to arrive at optimal outputs based on the inputs. It is indeed a very high-end approach to achieve a smile design of higher efficiency. The dentist reckons a treatment plan based on the output given by DSD.

In your second appointment, the dentist at Smiles One would show you the precise nature of your future smile basis the assessment and analysis done on DSD as a mock-up. Once you are satisfied with the outcome as shown by DSD, you can give the dentist a go ahead for your treatment plan to achieve your dream smile.

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