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Dental Veneers

Mask the teeth imperfections with teeth colored coating

Veneers help in making your smile great. Giving you a beautiful smile is an art. That is what we do at Smile One.

Smile Designing or Makeover is a process where we better your smile by providing you with one or more cosmetic dental procedures like veneers and implants. If your smile can be made awesome by a simple cosmetic procedure like teeth whitening, we recommend it.

While we decide to make your smile great by giving you veneers, we do take into account your skin tone, facial appearance, the structure of the current teeth and gum-line before deciding on the shades and shape of the veneers to be employed. Simply put, veneers are customized to your preference, so that they contribute to a better smile.

Here are the dental conditions veneers can correct to provide you with exceptional smile.

  1. Tooth Discoloration – Smoking, some beverages like colas, tea and coffee can discolour and stain your teeth. So your teeth might be yellowish and discoloured and be distant to white. If the teeth are discoloured beyond a point then veneers are employed to give back the desired tooth shade.
  2. Spacing – Sometimes the space between certain teeth are slightly on the higher side. This can be a constant worry as the food particles might get tangled in between more often. Veneers or dental bonding can provide you with perfect solution for spacing.
  3. Teeth Alignment – Though wearing dental braces are the best solution provider for correcting the misalignment of teeth, if the condition is slighter, veneers can be opted. Our dentists at Smile One can help you with the choice.
  4. Chipped or Cracked Teeth – A chipped tooth or a cracked tooth can be bonded with dental bonding resins. A porcelain veneers placed above can improve the smile drastically.
  5. Disproportionate or Uneven Teeth – If few teeth are uneven and disproportionate, they can be made even by placing dental veneers of similar appearance.

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