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Dental Crowns

Made to match the color of your natural teeth.

Crowns are “caps” that covers either a damaged tooth or tooth that have been subjected to root canal treatment or an abutment, in case of a dental implant. Generally the crowns are made of ceramics which are of natural tooth color. They are also made of steel, gold or other metal alloys. The type of crowns the patient can choose is optional.

Crowns are cemented to the existing teeth in case they are damaged. They are cemented to the abutment in case it is a dental implant. A cemented crown whatsoever cannot be removed by the patient. It can only be removed by an experienced dentist.

Circumstances of Wearing a Crown

  • When an already damaged tooth is restored
  • When the tooth in question is cracked and they require protection
  • When the tooth has cracked to badly that they now have segments. To hold the cracked segments together, a crown is employed.
  • When teeth are severely discolored and patient wants something strong and reliable than veneers
  • When a tooth has been subject to root canal treatment. The drilling made on the surface to reach out to the root canal is covered by the crown so that they are protected against any damage.
  • When a dental bridge is placed, the adjacent healthy teeth receive crowns
  • When a dental implant is fixed, the abutment of the implant receives a crown

Life of a Dental Crown

When optimal oral hygiene and periodic dental visits are properly maintained, then the crowns can last more than 25-30 years. It is a fact that dental crowns do not decay as they are made of strong artificial materials that cannot be degenerated by the oral pathogens. But it needs to be borne in mind that oral pathogens can still establish colonies of bio-films in the edge between the crown and the gums. This can potentially lead to gum diseases. If left untreated, the gum diseases can cause the teeth to become loose and eventually the tooth with crowns can simply wither. So brushing, flossing and rinsing the oral region twice a day is mandatory along with dental visits, where the dentist would clean the dental area professionally.

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