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Damon Braces

More than just straight teeth.

Damon Braces – For New-age Orthodontic Treatment

Damon braces offer a completely new way of orthodontic treatment. In traditional orthodontic treatment, to get space expanders might be used. Sometimes the procedure may even be accomplished by removing a healthy tooth. And then it is accompanied by many visits to the dentist who will tighten the wires. All these procedures in traditional orthodontic treatment are often uncomfortable and take longer to achieve desired results.

What are Damon Braces and how do they work?

They are basically self-ligating braces. In this type of braces, there are no metal or elastic ties. Since there are no ties, there is no question of tightening process by the dentist. They are fitted the same way as metal braces. Damon braces have a natural sliding mechanism as the teeth naturally move and realign due to the light pressure. They employ light high-technology shape-memory wires which move the teeth faster with less adjustment and tightening. The pressure exerted by Damon Braces are comparatively less when compared to traditional braces.

Wearing Damon Braces

Like the metal braces, Damon braces too cannot be removed and hence are better for children and younger teens. Like any other braces, you might find them a bit comfortable wearing them in the initial days.

Dental Visits after Wearing Damon Braces

Due to the self-ligating properties of Damon braces, the process of adjusting and tightening the elastic archwires are completely absent. Hence they require fewer dental visits when compared to traditional metal or ceramic braces.

Advantages of Damon Braces

  • Damon braces allows the teeth to move freely and quickly.
  • They are easier to clean and maintain compared to metal or ceramic braces. The ties of conventional braces attract plaque as food particle get tangled easily in the braces. Since there are no ties in Damon braces, they are easier to maintain.
  • Damon braces come in transparent / clear brackets which are aesthetically appealing.
  • They require few appointments with dentists after wearing them unlike the traditional

Maintenance of Metal Braces

    • Brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth with recommended mouthwash have to be done with care.

</ul class=”hypen”> The dental appointments though less in number should be kept up diligently. This is required because the dentist would assess the effectiveness of the Damon braces in realigning the teeth.

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