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Everybody knows that there is a serious increase in infertility clinics in the country as more and more couples are trying to conceive in these busy and stressful times. But one thing that seriously needs to be looked into is the teeth and gum health of women in the fertile age group. Recent research from the University of Helsinki reaffirms this stance which dentists have been harping about for long. Dr Susanna Paju , who headed the research on the links between pregnancy and gum disease concluded that women who had gum infections in which P.gingivalis , a not so uncommon bacteria in the mouth , was involved ; were four times less likely to conceive even after a year of trying. This is something we just can’t ignore. Its quite easy for any dentist to examine the teeth and gums and control gum infections before they become serious. So it does matter , if young women , get their teeth checked once every 6 months, so any suspect infections can be nipped in the bud. This simple tip could save couples a lot of emotional distress !

Does current 3D printing technology add value to our treatment plans ?

It is quite amazing how 3D printing has revolutionised the way we practice day to day dentistry. Just this morning we had a challenging case – a clinical situation where we had to skirt the boundaries of the Sinus in the upper jaw which was impeding a favourable implant positioning….. Solution – we 3D printed the patients upper jaw relating to the implant site and used a 3D printed template as a guide to place the implant. Now , we could get far more accuracy in the location and axis while the implants were placed. This should surely make failure of implants a rare occurrence for everybody !

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